Sierra Nevada Connections — Nevada


Sierra Nevada Connections Reno is a specialized foster care agency and outpatient mental health clinic. We are looking for families interested in becoming foster parents and we also accept clients for behavioral and rehabilitative mental health services. Our office is part of the Specialized Foster Care program in Nevada. We are a non-profit community based organization, committed to ensuring stability and life sustaining changes for our clients.


      • Sierra Nevada Connections Reno office is a part of the Specialized Foster Care program and we work with children ages 4 to 18 who have higher emotional or behavioral needs.
      • We are looking for all types of foster families, couples, same sex, single people, male and female, all ethnicities.
        Age requirement 21 – 75.
      • Anyone in the home over 18 years old must be able to pass a background and local law enforcement check.
      • We do not randomly place children in homes. We are committed to finding the best fit for the child and the family.
      • We provide the initial pre-license training at no cost.
      • Weekly visits and coaching from a supportive social worker.
      • Children in our homes receive therapeutic services including individual therapy and psychosocial rehabilitation.
      • Tax-free stipend $1,487 per month, per child.
      • 24/7 on-call support and transportation assistance.


As a licensed foster parent you have the first rights to adopt a child in your care should they become available for adoption.


Sierra Nevada Connections is a treatment level, specialized foster care agency who also takes outpatient mental health clients for counseling and/or psycho-social rehabilitation services. We specialize in working with youth who have experienced trauma, abuse, or neglect. We also assist families with attachment, reunification, and parenting concerns. Sierra Nevada Connections clinicians always go the extra mile to empower and collaborate with their clients to become the best versions of themselves. We are dedicated to assisting you in your healing process and give you the tools and safe space to make the changes you desire in your life. Sierra Nevada Connections clinicians work with individuals, couples, families, and children who have experienced grief & loss, trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, as well as behavioral, relationship & communication issues. We are currently accepting new clients, in-person and video sessions are available.

Reach out today to make an appointment with one of our qualified therapists and take the first step in leading the life you want to live. 



Psycho-Social Rehabilitation services are Rehabilitative Mental Health  interventions designed to reduce psychosocial dysfunction and restore recipients to their highest level of functioning. PSR services target psychological functioning within a variety of social settings.

PSR services may include any combination of the following interventions:

A. Behavior management: Recipients learn how to manage their interpersonal, emotional, cognitive and behavioral responses to various situations. They learn how to positively reflect anger, manage conflicts and express their frustrations verbally.They learn the dynamic relationship between actions and consequences;

B. Social competency: Recipients learn interpersonal-social boundaries and gain confidence in their interpersonal-social skills;

C. Problem identification and resolution: Recipients learn problem resolution techniques and gain confidence in their problems solving skills;

D. Effective communication: Recipients learn how to genuinely listen to others and make their personal, interpersonal, emotional and physical needs known;

E. Moral reasoning: Recipients learn culturally relevant moral guidelines and judgment;

F. Identity and emotional intimacy: Recipients learn personal and interpersonal acceptance. They learn healthy strategies to become emotionally and inter-personally connected with others;

G. Self-sufficiency: Recipients learn to build self-trust, self-confidence and/or self-reliance;

H. Life goals: Recipients learn how to set and achieve observable specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited life goals;

I. Sense of humor: Recipients develop humorous perspectives regarding life’s challenges.

Sierra Nevada Connections (formerly Mountain Circle Family Services) is a wonderful and supportive agency. I am so glad I was able to find such a amazing agency to be a part of. Working with Shauna to come on board as a foster parent made the process feel fast. Everyone that I have worked with at the agency has been great and always available when needed. They have services for the children and also the foster parents which is amazing. Anyone who is looking to foster Sierra Nevada Connections is the perfect agency for fostering.
Jackie G.