Sierra Nevada Connections Welcomes New Partnership With Box Of Balloons

Sierra Nevada Connections is excited to announce our new partnership with the amazing organization Box of Balloons. Box of Balloons is a non-profit whose mission is, “…to make each birthday happy and every child celebrated. Every child deserves to feel special, be celebrated and have a memorable party”. Unfortunately, for many families who fall under the poverty line, birthday parties are considered a luxury. Box of Balloons is dedicated to serving these children and families and bringing overall joy and happiness. These special boxes include various party items, including, but not limited to: party decorations, cake-making items, cupcakes, and toys!

While a birthday party maybe something the average child may take for granted, these types of special moments are extremely important when it comes to supporting our foster youth and foster children. Many foster children and foster youth in the foster care system are not given the proper birthday celebration, but here at SNC, we go the extra mile to ensure our kiddos and foster families are happy and healthy. While B.O.B has various chapters spanning the country, we have had the honor of working with Jolie Mortensen and her team out of Reno, NV. Since beginning this partnership back in April of 2021, SNC and B.O.B. have been able to serve 15+ youth with a special birthday celebration provided by Box Of Balloons!

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SNC’s First Box of Balloons Delivery

When asked about how BOB feels joining forces with SNC, Jolie Mortensen had these lovely words to share;

“I am excited for our partnership with SNC. We look forward to celebrating the foster children in our community. We hope these boxes give the SNC children a little glimmer of hope and happiness.”

Our SNC families have been very thankful for B.O.B. and their ability to make these kiddos feel extra special. We cannot wait to see how this partnership grows as we begin this new and exciting journey with Box of Balloons.

SNC’s Second Delivery

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