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Sierra Nevada Connections is an established non-profit, community-based family services agency that provides foster and adoption services in Chico, California.

Founded in 1986, Sierra Nevada Connections helps navigate the journey of fostering and adoption with solution-focused resources and a nurturing, progressive approach.

For over 35 years, Sierra Nevada Connections has been providing quality and innovative family placements, ensuring stability and life-sustaining changes for foster and adoptive children. Sierra Nevada Connections serves the greater community by placing all children in need regardless of ethnicity, age, special needs or unique circumstances into loving foster and adoptive homes. Sierra Nevada Connections families positively transform the lives of children and young people by providing a safe and nurturing home environment where children can grow, flourish, and reach their highest potential.

“There is the art and science of the perfect match that can only
be known by taking the time to get to know the families as well
as the children.”  — Sierra Nevada Connections


We provide resources and personalized support for foster families based on each child and families unique needs throughout their journey. Ensuring safety, stability and life-sustaining changes for foster and adoptive children is our mission.


Our staff has an educated, evolved approach with insight into today's parenting environment and unique family situations. We pride ourselves on long-lasting relationships with our foster families, foster children, and adoptive families.


We are a team of experienced qualified professionals providing a personal touch that is hard to find with large agencies. We establish an authentic connection with each family and youth alike, that which remains steadfast throughout the placement process and even beyond.


We believe families of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds have the same beautiful gifts to offer a child. We welcome everyone and are committed to creating situations where all families and children flourish.

"We have been with Sierra Nevada Connections for over eight years. Their social workers and staff are the best, which sets them apart from the rest of the agencies out there. They are always available to their families and help foster parents find solutions to difficult situations. Everyone works together, so you never feel like you are on your own while dealing with the system."
Sarah C.

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