Sierra Nevada Connections

Sierra Nevada Connections focuses on formulating healthy, stable, and loving relationships between Foster Youth and Resource Families. Our office serves families from Sacramento to Redding and youth clients from nearly all Northern and Southern California counties. In addition to Foster Care services, families are also licensed and trained for potential future adoption(s).

Our other services include therapy and behavioral treatment, which are both integrated into our program for both families and clients. Sierra Nevada Connections is also an active visitation location; the office can be used for any court-mandated visitation for both clients and outside clientele at an hourly rate. We are a team of motivated individuals who are dedicated to humbly serving our community.


    • We work with all types of families, couples, same sex, single people, all ethnicities
    • Age requirement 21+
    • Committed to placement matching the right child to the right home
    • Provide free on-line training
    • Weekly visits to the home from a supportive social worker
    • Always have more referrals than foster homes


  • Intensive Services Foster Care is for children and youth who are of a higher emotional and behavioral need level.  These foster parents who are willing to work with more challenging foster children receive 40 hours of initial training.



    • Same as the above, with the added addition of Sierra Nevada Connections provides the adoption home study
    • Will assist with filing all the adoption court paperwork and assist through finalization
    • Foster child will be placed for a minimum of 6 months before adoption is an option



Adoptive Parents

What are the requirements to be a Fost-Adopt parent?

Sierra Nevada Connections provides adoption services in the State of California only.  

  • Must be 21+
  • Married or single, with or without children
  • Attend the Fost-Adopt trainings (some offered online)
  • Have an approved Fost-Adopt home study
  • Be fingerprinted and cleared on Child Abuse Index Clearance & Department of Justice
  • Fill out all required paperwork
  • Must be in good health

What About Financial Assistance & Medical Coverage?

While a Fost-Adopt parent, you will receive a monthly reimbursement for your child. After the child has been adopted, you will receive AAP (Adoption Assistance Program)- the amount of financial assistance is determined based upon the special needs of the child and circumstances of the family. Each child is insured by Medi-Cal which covers their medical, dental, and vision expenses. This continues until the child is 21 years of age, even after the child has been adopted. Medi-Cal pays for therapy for each child too.

Sierra Nevada Connections does not charge a fee to become an adoptive family. Fost-Adopt families are allowed up to $400 for expenses incurred while adopting a child. This is reimbursed through the State, not the Agency.

What Kinds of Fost-Adopt Parents is Sierra Nevada Connections Looking For?

  • Strong, stable families who care about children and have love, patience, guidance, and understanding to give to children or youth
  • Individuals, couples, or families who are dedicated to making a life-long commitment to a child in need of a home

Adoption License #045090027