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Here you will find some of the many questions around fostering.

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The Steps

We answer basic questions over the phone and happily schedule an in-person orientation at a time and place convenient to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Resource (Foster) or Adoptive Parent

What happens when I call Sierra Nevada Connections?

We invite you to an orientation!

During the orientation, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you would like. Once you decide that becoming a foster parent with Sierra Nevada Connections is right for you and your family, you will be given our application and will be guided in completing paperwork and all requirements.

We provide 40 hours of per-licensure training allowing you to gain valuable parenting skills, learn Sierra Nevada Connections’ policies and procedures, and gain a better understating of the children we serve. During this time you are able to get to know other families who are becoming licensed Sierra Nevada Connections foster parents allowing you to build connections and support groups.

The last step of the process is participating in a home study. This is where our agency really gets to know you, understand your background, and learn what children would thrive best in your home.

During the process of becoming a licensed foster home, Sierra Nevada Connections staff helps ensure that your home is in compliance and meets licensing standards.


Is there an age limit on becoming a Resource Parent?

You must be at least 21 years of age to become a Resource Parent, however, there is no age limit.*

You must meet certain other criteria before you can become a Resource Parent other than age


I am nervous about becoming a first time Resource Parent, will I have support?

Our team is here for YOU. We are individuals dedicated to guiding both families and youth through this process. If you need any support, our valued and talented team is here to help.


Will I be able to decide which youth are staying in my home?

Yes, absolutely. You are in control of the youth who are residing in your home. We try our best to place the right youth, with the right home. We will always talk to you first!


Am I able to have pets in my home?

Yes! As long as your animals are vaccinated and verified safe, you can absolutely have pets.


Do I need to live in the urban area of my town/city?

No! We serve families who live in more rural locations; you do not need to live right in town.


Do I need to own my home in order to foster youth?

No! We can work with you if you own or rent your home (apartment, trailer/mobile home, etc.


Can a Single Mother/father be a Resource Parent?

Yes, absolutely! You do NOT have to be a married to become a foster parent.


If I have a DUI, can I be a Resource Parent?

Yes, we can work with you if you have a previous DUI. In many cases, we can receive exemptions.


"There is a family for every child & a child for every family."


Sierra Nevada Connections is a non-profit community-based organization with a mission to connect children and youth to safe nurturing homes, where they will be heard and advocated for, through a support system that provides stability and consistency using evidence informed practices. Since 1986, Sierra Nevada Connections has been providing quality and innovative family placements by matching a child to a home; regardless of ethnicity, age, special needs or unique circumstances. SNC is passionate about finding  loving foster and adoptive homes where children can grow, flourish, and reach their highest potential. With our main office located in Chico, Sierra Nevada Connections services families and children throughout California