Our Services

There is a child for every family and a family for every child.

Sierra Nevada Connections focuses on formulating healthy, stable, and loving relationships between Foster Youth and Resource Families. Our office serves families from Sacramento to Redding and Sierra Nevada Connections receives referrals from all counties in California.

In addition to Foster Care services, families are also licensed and trained for potential future adoption(s).

Our other services include therapy and behavioral treatment, which are both integrated into our program for both families and clients. Sierra Nevada Connections Office is also an active visitation location; the office can be used for any court-mandated visitation for both clients and outside clientele at an hourly rate. We are a team of motivated individuals who are dedicated to humbly serving our community and providing family-focused services.

Visit our information page below for a complete listing of our services available.

"The social workers at Mountain Circle are some of the most caring, wonderful people I have ever met. They are 100% dedicated to working with the Foster families and helping these kids have a better life."
Julie N.