Our History

SNC Sign

Mountain Circle Family Services, Inc., was established in 1986 as a foster family agency. Mountain Circle was established for the specific purpose of helping children address the negative life experiences of their past and present, and to go on to develop a positive future. Despite the problems, which have occurred in their homes, necessitating the need for foster placement, children removed from their birth families have experienced tremendous loss. These include the loss of parent figures as well as the loss of a normal childhood. The children placed in our level of care enter our program with emotional, psychological as well as, medical and academic needs that must be met to help them stabilize, feel safe, change, and grow.

We are dedicated to supporting them through this process and utilize both traditional and innovative techniques to accomplish the stated objective. Mountain Circle’s services were developed on the premise that children in need of placement should be placed in the least restrictive environment and treatment in therapeutic foster care is preferable to residential treatment and should be considered as a treatment alternative.

Mountain Circle is equally committed to the promotion of the self-esteem of children, the facilitation of healthy family relationships, and strong community support for all families. Mountain Circle endeavors to create more compassion, understanding, and responsibility within our local communities to support equal opportunity for all children, including their right to be safe, regardless of their sex, race, religion, or economic status. We have embraced the role of child and family advocates and we welcome the opportunity to mediate and educate those with misinformation.

Same Commitment, New Name

Mountain Circle Family Services, dba Sierra Nevada Connections. 

In the fall of 2020, Mountain Circle filed for a DBA Sierra Nevada Connections in effort to reflect the current geographic area served.  Our main headquarters moved from Greenville, CA to Chico, CA, making connections with resource (foster) family homes, from Sacramento, CA to Redding, CA and east from Oroville, to Marysville; all within a two hour radius of our main office located at 2550 Floral Ave. Suite #20 Chico, CA.